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Trade Execution
MM Connect

MM Connect® is an electronic money markets trading network that allows investors to manage cash globally, in multiple currencies, by providing electronic rate requests and real-time trade execution. MM Connect’s direct connectivity enables users to contact multiple counterparties around the world to find the best rates. Transactions can be executed in allocation or block format and entered directly into the blotter or uploaded from existing portfolio management and trading systems.

MM Connect is only open to top-tier providers that are requested by clients to participate in Global Link. MM Connect underscores Global Link’s commitment to forging alliances with third parties by automating and facilitating money market transactions with multiple counterparties. By offering global money management services alongside other asset classes, Global Link enables investors to integrate money management into their overall strategy more effectively.


  • Provides multi-currency money market trade execution with multiple counterparties
  • Instant delivery of rate comparisons
  • Secure transmission of trade details to multiple counterparties
  • Integration with in-house trading and portfolio management systems


  • Electronic price comparisons allow users to determine the best rates instantly
  • Streamlined trade entry eliminates re-keying and trade-entry errors
  • Online chat capability for real-time communication with multiple providers
  • Provides access to greater liquidity and choice
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