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Trade Execution
FX Connect

FX Connect® is a multi-bank foreign exchange trading network that provides secure, real-time trade execution with multiple counterparties 24 hours a day. Launched in 1996, FX Connect is a market leader in electronic FX trading and became the first multi-bank network in March 2000. Through FX Connect, users can access liquidity from 55 providers and execute spot, forward, and swap transactions across an unlimited number of accounts. FX Connect also offers Quick FXSM , a competitive pricing feature that allows investors to transact single or block trades with multiple banks.

FX Connect’s direct connectivity extends to users’ in-house accounting, portfolio management, and custody systems. Trades can be entered manually into the trade blotter or downloaded from existing systems, enabling investors to integrate foreign exchange trading into their portfolio execution process more effectively. FX Connect’s live interactive pricing and netting capability across multiple funds and currencies helps manage risk and maximize efficiency throughout the trade execution process.


  • No deal size restrictions
  • Automatic calculation of equivalent currency amount
  • Transactions in allocation or block format
  • Two-way pricing via Quick FX


  • Fast competitive pricing offers greater liquidity and choice
  • Maximises front-office efficiency by automating trading activities between counterparties
  • Seamless integration with in-house trading and portfolio management systems simplifies trade entry, eliminating re-keying and trade-entry errors
  • Online chat capability enables real-time communication with counterparty banks
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