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Trade Execution
History Viewer

History Viewer allows users to electronically recall information from FX Connect® and MM Connect® trading sessions. Like a recorded telephone line, History Viewer makes all details regarding a trade session available including timestamp, chat conversation, financial details, and counterparty information. The main screen provides access to all transactions made by an institution on a site-specific basis and can be filtered by user and/or by trade date. Information from History Viewer can be easily downloaded, enabling clients to build customised reports for recall and auditing purposes.


  • Easy and secure access via the Global Link interface
  • Ability to download individual trades and bulk trades from a rolling 10-day history list
  • Information from trade sessions can be downloaded as a .csv or .txt file


  • Sessions are recorded instantaneously, allowing immediate viewing and eliminating time delays
  • Allows compliance personnel to view FX Connect and MM Connect trading sessions for all of the institution’s traders on a site-specific basis
  • Eliminates the need to pull telephone tapes

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