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Trade Execution

Global Trading Support Services® (GTSS®) is a real-time, multi-counterparty foreign exchange trade matching and confirmation system. Available as either a stand-alone application or integrated with FX Connect®, GTSS immediately identifies contract discrepancies, helping to reduce risk and minimise settlement errors. Users can sort contracts by a range of parameters and counterparties, providing standardised and automatic reporting in an easy-to-read format.

GTSS also acts as an account and contract database, transmitting automatic notification of account changes between trading partners. Users directly access the records of their counterparties, enabling the system to match transactions regardless of whether the trade was executed electronically. GTSS also acts as a messaging platform to both custodians and counterparties, communicating trade details and settlement instructions via real-time SWIFT messaging.


  • Auto-matching based on account, value date, amount, and currency
  • Daily trades, outstanding trades, and position management reporting are available, including Mark-to-Market revaluation of outstanding contracts
  • Integrated uploads through a desktop interface or automatic scheduling
  • Accessible via the Internet or private network access
  • Sleeve account management (multiple-account to one-account matching)


  • Automates confirmation, allowing users to focus on exception processing
  • Enables users to track transactions from trade execution to settlement
  • Allows access to and reporting for foreign exchange deals
  • Fully customisable integration to FX Connect streamlines the trading process
  • Allows buy-sides to easily conform to market best practices as set forth by The Federal Reserve Board of New York’s Foreign Exchange Committee


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